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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance provides protection for any automobile used by your business. It can apply to a single car or to an entire fleet of vehicles and protects your company and employees driving company vehicles in the event of an accident. A policy can be adjusted to meet the coverage needs that fit your company and its vehicles.

Business owners should perform a Department of Motor Vehicles screening when hiring employees that will drive company vehicles or use their own vehicles as part of their jobs because the driving records of employees can impact your premium. Having employees with good driving records listed on your commercial auto policy will help keep your premium low. 

Because commercial auto insurance requirements greatly depend on how vehicles are used in your business and the number of commercial vehicles you own, it is important to discuss your needs with a trusted associate.

What does Commercial Auto cover?

Commercial auto insurance is actually made up of several distinct parts. A brief explanation of each coverage part is listed below. 

Bodily Injury to Others 

This coverage pays for damages if you are legally responsible for an accident injuring someone other than passengers in your auto. It also provides for legal defense and court costs if you (as business owner) or your company is sued.

Personal Injury (MN Only)

This coverage provides for medical expenses, lost wages, and replacement cost services in the event of a covered accident regardless of fault. 

Property Damage

This coverage pays for damages to someone else whose auto or other property is damaged in a covered accident your company is responsible for.

Medical Payments

This coverage pays for reasonable expenses for necessary medical and funeral services to you (as business owner), your employees or passengers incurred as the result of an auto accident.


This coverage pays for any direct and accidental damage to your commercial vehicle caused by a collision regardless of fault. 


This is not a substitute for Collision. This pays for direct and accidental damage to or loss of your commercial vehicle in non-collision situations including vandalism, theft, fire, wind, hail, flood, hitting an animal and others. 

Non-Owned Auto

This coverage provides your business and you (as business owner) with liability protection for injuries or damages if your employee is involved in an accident and found responsible while using their own vehicle to perform company business. 

Hired Auto Liability 

This coverage provides your business, your employees and you (as business owner) with liability protection when you temporarily rent, lease, hire or borrow vehicles for business use. 

Hired Auto Physical Damage

This coverage provides your business, your employees and you (as business owner) with physical damage protection when you temporarily rent, lease, hire or borrow vehicles for business use.

Drive Other Car 

This coverage provides protection for physical damage and liability for specific employees named on your commercial auto policy if they are driving a vehicle other than a company owned vehicle. This is important for owners or other key employees, who do not have their own personal auto policy and would, therefore, not have insurance protection if they borrowed another person’s car or rented a vehicle on their own.

Loading and Unloading 

This coverage provides liability protection if damage is caused during the process of loading or unloading property from a covered vehicle excluding the cargo being moved.

Substitute Transportation

This coverage reimburses you, up to the limits shown on the Coverage’s Selections Page, in certain situations if your auto was in a collision and is being repaired or replaced. 

Towing and Labor

This coverage pays for auto towing and labor due to a breakdown even if there isn’t an accident. Coverage is up to the limit shown on the declaration page.

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